125 Blog Ideas for Taking Your Blog to the Next Level in 2017


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Whether you’ve already found some success with your site or you’re just now starting a blog, you’ll eventually reach a point where you feel like you’re running out of blog ideas. It happens to all of us. One day we find ourselves staring at a blank page trying to figure out what to blog about next.

The good news is there are tons of great blog post ideas out there you can use to spark your creative juices for your next post.

I’ve put together a list of 125 blog ideas to help you get the cogs turning and find a great idea for your next project. And once you’ve finished reading this post, I’d love for you to share your own tips for coming up with ideas for what to blog about by leaving a comment!

#1 Post Current News

Share some current industry news along with your opinions to foster conversation and give your readers a reason to keep coming back. The easiest way to do this is to set Google Alerts for relevant terms in your niche, and you’ll get the latest news and results delivered directly to your inbox daily, a treasure trove of blog ideas.

#2 Interview Big Names In your Industry

Interviewing big names in your industry can increase the exposure of your blog overnight. Reach out to some well-known people in your industry using Twitter or LinkedIn. Make sure you take the time to cultivate these relationships before asking for a favor.

#3 Supplement Your Post with Infographics

Take concepts that can be explained visually and create infographics to supplement your blog post ideas, then share those infographics on sharing websites and social media to reach new audiences.

#4 Turn Your FAQ into Posts

What questions do your readers typically ask? Take some of your most frequently asked questions and turn them into posts. Talk about an easy way to crowdsource your blog ideas!

#5 Make Predictions about your Industry

Make some predictions about the future of your industry. Keep it light-hearted. If they come true, you can always point back to your predictions as proof of your expertise!

#6 Give Detailed Instructions on Complicated Subjects

Help your audience understand complicated subjects by breaking it down into laymen’s terms.

#7 Host a Webinar

Hosting a webinar about a subject that your audience cares about can help you to establish yourself as an authority.

#8 Discuss Your Goals

Discuss the goals that you have for the future of your business. Then you can look back on it and see if you were successful.

#9 Share a List of Free eBooks

Share links to free eBooks within your industry, and then let the companies that published them know that you promoted them!

#10 Write an Open Letter to Your Audience

Write a letter that is addressed to your audience, thanking them for their support.

#11 Create a Quiz

Create a quiz that asks your audience tough questions about your industry.

#12 Ask Your Readers to Take a Survey

Create a survey using tools like using tools like SurveyMonkey to gain valuable feedback about your blog or business from your audience. The best part is the data you get from your survey can be turned into numerous blog topics in most cases.

#13 Share Coupons

Share coupons that will help your audience save money on popular products.

#14 Create Weekly Industry Wrap-Ups

Create a weekly wrap-up (preferably posted on Friday) that covers the relevant news and popular blog posts from within your industry that week. This is one of those blog ideas that requires little effort but can be very useful to your readers.

#15 Record a Podcast

Record a podcast about a subject that your audience is interested in. If you can, have guest callers appear on the podcast. You can use the conversations you have on your podcast as fodder for blog topics.

#16 Host a Questions and Answers Session

Give your audience a chance to ask questions that they have about your company, product or industry in a live answers session, then share the video on your blog when it is complete. You can also spin some of the questions and answers into their own blog post ideas.

#17 Make a List of Influential People in Your Industry

Create a list of influencers that your audience should be following within your industry.

#18 Highlight a Recent Conference

Share details about a recent conference. Many of your readers won’t be able to visit conferences and would like to hear more about what they are like.

#19 Share a List of Industry-Related Jokes

Work is fun when we can laugh at ourselves. Sharing a list of industry-related jokes will help put a smile on your reader’s faces.

#20 Put Together a List of Free Guides and Resources

By sharing free resources, you give your audience a reason to keep coming back and establish your blog as an excellent source of information in your industry.

#21 Hold a Contest

Give your audience a chance to win something cool! Hold a contest that rewards a special person (or special few) with something valuable!

#22 Make a List of Apps From your Industry

What apps should your audience be using? Share a list of the best apps that your industry has to offer.

#23 Offer a Chance to Guest Post

New, insightful content published on your blog is never a bad thing. Give your readers a chance to sell their own skills and expertise. These are free, user-generated blog topics!

#24 Share a Valuable Work Sheet

Share worksheets and templates that your audience will find valuable. You can even create the work sheet yourself!

#25 Share a Story from Your Life

Your audience wants to get to know you as a person. Share a story from your life that will help them get to know you.

#26 Compare Your Industry to Something in Pop Culture

Compare your industry to something that is prominent in the news right now. Start by browsing TMZ and see what you might be able to relate to your own industry.

#27 Share Email Responses to FAQs

You probably regularly write long, in-depth email responses to your audience. Start by sharing those email responses with your audience. It’s an easy way to repurpose content you’ve created into new blog ideas.

#28 Create a List of Free Resources

Create a long list of resources and include anything that your readers might find useful! You can also include a few paid resources where it makes sense.

#29 Create a Long List of Suggestions

Just like this blog post! Share tips that will help your audience reach whatever goal they may have.

#30 Profile an Influential Person In Your Industry

Reach out to an influential person in your industry and offer the chance to be profiled and promote don your blog.

#31 Curate Content from Your Industry

Take some of the best content that you can find in your own industry and share it with your audience.

#32 Create an Ultimate guide

Take a subject and cover it from every angle that you can. Make yourself the go-to site for information on that subject. This is one of those blog post ideas that can win you a ton of backlinks and traffic to your site.

#33 Post a Rant About Something That Bothers you

Wondering what to blog about? How about a venting session? We all have things we dislike about our work or industry. Rant about something and let your audience see inside your mind a bit!

#34 Record a Post as Audio

Take a popular blog post that you have and record an audio transcript of the text. This can be considered a mini-podcast in some ways.

#35 Share a List of Blogs to Read

There are probably hundreds of blogs in your industry. Take the top 25-50 and share them with your audience. Check out my lists of the top lifestyle blogs and the top mommy blogs as examples of these blog topics.

#36 Create a List of Innovations

What innovations have changed your industry for the better in the last few years? Share those with your audience and dig into why they were so influential.

#37 Ask an Influential Person to Guest Post

Reach out to influencers in your industry and see if they would be interested in guest posting on your blog.

#38 Interview Several Experts About a Topic

Reach out to experts on a given topic and collect 5-10 quotes from them.

#39 Create a Handwritten Post

Shake things up. Instead of typing your next post, create a handwritten post and share it with your audience.

#40 Share Inspiring Quotes

Share some of your favorite inspiring quotes with your audience to get them motivated and ready to conquer their goals.

#41 Host a Q&A Session With Readers

Give your readers a chance to ask pressing questions that they have about your industry and build your authority in the process.

#42 Create a Satirical Blog Post

Not all blog posts have to be serious. Approach a subject from a satirical angle to get some laughs.

#43 Show Others a Trick to Do Something Quickly

Do you have a trick for doing something much more quickly than the average person? Share how you do it.

#44 Create a Bucket List

What kind of things do you want to do in this life? Share it with your audience to give them insight into who you are as a person.

#45 Invite Frequent Commenters to Write a Post

Do you have someone that is constantly leaving insightful comments on your posts? Invite them to make a post of their own.

#46 Outline Future Plans

Where do you want your business to go in the future? Outline that plans that you have for your business moving forward.

#47 Share Photos from Your Life

Let your readers get to know you on a personal level. Share photos from your life and give some details about each photo.

#48 Show Your Appreciation for your Audience

Your audience is probably what keeps you blogging. Show them how much you appreciate them by letting them know.

#49 Cover Why You Started Blogging to Begin With

Why did you start blogging in the first place? Let your audience know.

#50 Ask Your Readers for Feedback

If you want to improve your writing, you have to solicit feedback from your audience. Actively ask your readers for feedback on a regular basis to see where you could improve.

#51 Outline Common Mistakes in Your Industry

What are some of the common mistakes that you often see being made in your industry? Let your readers know how they can avoid them.

#52 Publish a Manifesto

Publish a manifesto that gives your audience insight into your way of thinking and goals for the future.

#53 Highlight your Social Accounts

Make a post letting your readers know where they can follow you on the various social networks.

#54 Respond to a Competitor’s Post That You Disagree With

Find a post that you disagree with from a competitor in your industry, and respond to it with your own opinions and points. This is a great way to reach new audiences and get noticed.

#55 Suggest Social Accounts to Follow

Make some suggestions about social accounts that your audience should be following. You can even break it up by individual social networks.

#56 Outline Your Blogging Mistakes

We all make mistakes when we first start out. Share some of your biggest mistakes with your audience.

#57 Start a Chat Group

Start a chat group (Using Slack or some other solution) so that your audience can interact with each other directly, instead of only through the comment section.

#58 Share Items from Your Portfolio

Show your readers what you do for work. Share some items from your portfolio that help you to build a following.

#59 Share a Video That Covers your Day to Day Life

Give your readers some insight into your daily life. Share a video of your morning routine, workstation, or some other aspect of your life that they might be interested in.

#60 Start a Forum

Just like a chat room, a forum for your readers can give you a great way to interact with them directly and allow them to form connections with each other. Plus, it gives them another reason to keep coming back to your website!

#61 Cover the Pros and Cons of a Controversial Subject

Covering controversial subjects can help your posts be shared around the web. Give the pros and cons of a particular subject.

#62 Cover your Most Popular Posts

Outline your most popular posts (so that new audience members can easily find them) and share insights into why they were so popular.

#63 Share In-Depth Statistics

People love to see complex subjects broken down into numbers and statistics.

#64 Share Your Monthly Earnings

People are attracted to success. Share your monthly earnings with your audience and seek out websites that publish monthly earnings from other readers.

#65 Join a Guest Blogging Network

Finding guest blog posts can be hard. By joining a guest blogging network you can more easily find placement posts that will benefit you in the long term.

#66 Research a Topic your Unfamiliar With

Research a topic that you don’t know much about and share the process with your audience. Sharing examples of learning new things can show that you are always working to get better and provide insight into how you craft new content.

#67 Answer Every Single Comment Personally

When someone takes the time out of their day to comment on a blog post that you’ve shared, make sure that you respond to each comment personally to develop a personal connection.

#68 Create a Post about Your Bad Habits

We all have bad habits and readers love it when you share your struggles. Create a post about the areas where you could improve.

#69 Share a List of Free Resources

Put together a list of free resources that your audience will love and share it with them.

#70 Share your CV with Your Audience

A resume or CV can provide a lot of insight into your experience. Share how you have spent your professional career to show them a path to success.

#71 Post Where You Want to Travel To

Traveling the world is something everyone wants to do at some level. Share some of the areas where you would most like to visit.

#72 Post a Lie and See What Your Audience Says

Give your audience a chance to call you out and share their knowledge! Post an obvious lie and market it as a thought experiment.

#73 Share a Recent Event You Went to

Share insight into a recent industry event that you attended and let them know whether it would be worth their time to come as well.

#74 Post About Little Known Facts

What are some little-known tid-bits about your industry? Share some of the lesser-known facts to raise some eye-brows.

#75 Share Some Regrets from Your Life

Showing weakness shows that you trust your audience. Share some of your biggest regrets and things that you would like to change if you could to foster a deeper connection.

#76 Start a Poll

Ask your audience for an opinion on a subject through a visual poll.

#77 Share your Largest Successes

What are the biggest successes of your blogging career? Tell your audience to get their own cogs turning about how they can replicate that success for themselves.

#78 Post a List of Corny Jokes

Take a break and do something lighthearted. Share some corny puns or jokes with your readers and invite them to do the same.

#79 Make a List of your Blog’s Best comments

When people leave great comments on your blog, they shouldn’t go unnoticed! Share some of the best comments that have ever been left on your blog.

#80 Share Your Favorite Industry Blogs

What blogs do you read daily? Let your audience know where to find the best information.

#81 Create a Guest-Post Submission Form

Dealing with guest posting requests can be time consuming. Simplify things by providing would-be guest posters with a simple submission form to streamline the process.

#82 Create a Case Study

Create a case study about how you attracted traffic or helped a client within your industry.

#83 Write and Share an eBook

Publishing eBooks can be a great way to attract email subscribers or create another stream of income. Write an share an eBook directly on your blog.

#84 Publish your To-Do List

What do you need to get done today? This week? This year? Share your to-do list with your audience to give them some insight into your daily and long-term workload.

#85 Make an Announcement

Announce something exciting, and make a big deal about it to attract attention.

#86 Write a Story

Everyone loves a good story. Share a story that will keep your audience riveted from beginning to end.

#87 Host a Free Giveaway

Giving away things for free is a great way to attract attention or reach a larger audience. Give something away to your subscribers for free!

#88 Create a Photo Post

Share some interesting photos that your audience will love.

#89 Start an Argument with Another Blogger

Controversy attracts attention. Start an argument with another blogger to get their audience reading your blog, but try to keep things civil!

#90 Agree with a Competitors Blog Post

We don’t always have to drum up controversy. Instead, you can respond in a positive way to something that someone else has said.

#91 Host a Meetup in Your Area

Invite some of your local readers to meet you in person by hosting your own meetup at a local pub or coffee shop.

#92 Secure a Speaking Gig at an Event

Speaking at large events can be a great way to get your brand in front of new audiences. Seek out opportunities to speak at events and conferences.

#93 Review Products in Your Industry

A great way to connect with your audience is to save them time and money. Give an in-depth, honest review of a product within your industry so that your readers know whether or not it is a good investment for them.

#94 Share Funny GIFs

Break up the monotony with some lighthearted GIFs.

#95 Review Books or Movies

You can do this in the general sense or focus on books and documentaries that are related to your career.

#96 Create Tutorials

Show your readers how to do something complicated with a step-by-step tutorial that outlines a subject in full.

#97 Review Software

Review an expensive piece of software that your audience might be tempted to purchase to see if it is worth their time.

#98 Post About Your Favorite Resources and Tools

What kinds of tools do you use each day for work? Share those tools with your audience to show how you streamline your work day and show how those tools help.

#99 Share How You Monetize Your Blog

Break down how your blog earns an income. By being transparent you can earn a lot of trust with your audience.

#100 Celebrate the Life of Someone Influential

Celebrate someone from your industry that is no longer with us but made a huge impact on those around them.

#101 Respond to Criticism

Respond to criticism with a blog post. This criticism can come from another blog post, an email (with permission to share) or through social media.

#102 Share Interactions on Twitter

When you have an interesting Twitter conversation, share it with your readers.

#103 Participate in Q&A Platforms

Q&A platforms like Quora are a good way to share your expertise and build authority within your industry.

#104 Share your Hopes and Dreams

What do you want to accomplish in the future? Share your hopes and dreams with your audience and encourage them to share their own.

#105 Create a Free Checklist

Create a checklist for a process within your niche and share it for free with your audience. You can also use it as a lead magnet!

#106 Compare Two Different Products

Compare two products and tell your audience which one you think is the best choice for the money.

#107 Take an Idea from a Competitor and Expand Upon Their Work

Find an authoritative blog post from a competitor and expand upon it. Become the go-to expert for the subject that you are covering.

#108 Take Reader Requests for Articles

Ask your readers what they would like to read about next.

#109 Write an Essay

Write a complete essay about a subject and share it with influential figures within your industry to gain exposure.

#110 Update and Rehash an Old Post

Find an old blog post that needs to be updated and rehash it. Find subjects that you covered in your early days of blogging or subjects that require more information to cover in their entirety.

#111 Create an Industry Glossary

Most industries have a lot of terms and acronyms that can be confusing. Create a glossary for your audience.

#112 Share a List of Industry Forums and Communities

Where do people within your industry hang out? Share a list of forums and communities that are worth joining.

#113 Create a Press Release

Create a press release about an influential new product or service that you are offering.

#114 Give a gift to Loyal Reader

Give a gift to a reader that has been reading your blog from the very beginning.

#115 Review a Competitor’s Controversial Post

Choose a controversial blog post from a competitor, analyze it, and give your opinion as to whether they are right or wrong. This can help you attract new audiences.

#116 Share a Funny Story

Share a story with your audience that will make them smile!

#117 Create Posts for Every Customer Persona

If you have outlined your customer personas, use those personas to craft a blog post specifically aimed at each persona.

#118 Go Back and Audit Your On-Page SEO

If you have published hundreds of posts, you likely cut some corners on your on-page SEO. Go back and audit your on-page SEO.

#119 Create a Whitepaper

Put together a whitepaper about your industry and share it with influential figures who may find it interesting. You can use this whitepaper as a lead magnet.

#120 Share Your Favorite LinkedIn Groups

Share some LinkedIn Groups that you think your audience will appreciate.

#121 Explain Your Company’s Name

How did your company get its name? Explain the process you underwent when choosing how to name your company.

#122 Share a Customer’s Story

Do you have a great story that covers how you helped a customer? Share that story with your audience.

#123 Complain About Your Industry

We all have gripes about our jobs, even when we love them. Share some of your frustrations with your readers and encourage them to share their own.

#124 Share a List of Templates

Do you have templates for documents, websites, or some other document that you would like to share with your readership? Share it with them for free!

#125 Create your Own Templates

If you don’t have any templates on hand that you would like to share, create your own, or share one of the ones that you use to run your own business.


#126 Have Fun

Having fun is something that many bloggers forget. When blogging becomes less like a passion and more like a job, you’ll find that your audience is able to pick up on that fact. Remember to have fun, write about the things that you love, and pursue your passions. That’s why you got into this business in the first place.

And there you have it — a huge list of blog ideas. Now, share your best tips below for finding what to blog about!

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  1. For corporate bloggers, use this list to get help from other areas of the company. Use a topic to do a roundup of ideas. Remember you’re part of a team. Make blogging a team effort!

  2. Deborah Tolley | December 29, 2016 at 9:24 am | Reply

    Thank you for this helpful list of ideas! I will use them in future!

    It’s vitally important to create original content to attract new visitors to your blog and to engage the existing ones! I write using tools like AnswerthePublic(content ideation) and Unplag (plagiarism checker) to maintain the high-quality of my articles.

  3. Great list of ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, that was a huge list! Thanks for sharing. I took away several ideas that may work for a blog I am starting.

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