20% of Facebook Videos Are Now Live Broadcasts

It looks like Facebook’s gamble on live video is paying off, as 1 out of every 5 videos on the site is broadcast live, Facebook’s head of video, Fidji Simo, said in a recent post.

“A year ago today, we made it possible for people around the world to share live video on Facebook,” Simo’s post read. “Since then, we’ve focused on making the Facebook Live experience more engaging, more fun, and more social. Over the past year, daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has grown by more than 4x. Every day, we get to enjoy new use cases for Live that we would never have thought about.”

Facebook Live first rolled out a year ago, and since then, the daily “watch time” has quadrupled – quite the accomplishment considering that Facebook has some pretty serious competition on this front (for example, Twitter, who recently made their push in to video by acquiring live streaming app Periscope). But it seems like Facebook is the ultimate winner in the coveted youth demographic in regards to live streaming.

The live feature has proven especially useful for brands on the site, whether it’s showcasing a new product launch announcement or just a behind the scenes look at production. The feature has also led to several viral moments like the famous “Chewbacca Mom” video and other feel-good moments.

Even though they’re against heavy live streaming competition from sites likes YouTube and Twitter, Facebook has continued to make their live video feature pretty attractive for broadcasters, allowing for high quality streams with multiple camera angles and a prominent “broadcast” button on the mobile app.

Despite the success, Facebook says the live feature isn’t done growing. Simo’s post also noted that they were still “at the beginning of our journey,” and that new uses for Facebook Live were becoming evident every day.

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