‘Castlevania’ Producer Hopes a ‘Metroid’ Series is Next

Netflix has been seizing a unique opportunity lately to adapt some of the gaming world’s most popular franchises into original series. The Castlevania animated series debuted last week on the same day Netflix announced that it would be renewing the show for a second season. Adi Shankar, the produce of the new Castlevania series, has also been tapped by Netflix and Ubisoft to produce an upcoming Assassin’s Creed anime series sometime in the near future. Now, Shankar has revealed that one of Nintendo’s classic and most enduring franchises might be next on his list of series to adapt: Metroid.

Shankar recently sat down with Nintendo news site NintendoLife to discuss what it was like to be given the chance to adapt Castlevania. Shankar told interviewer Damien McFerran that Castlevania was a dream project for the 32-year-old producer and he hopes there will be more seasons to come:

Making this show was a dream come true and I would love to keep making as many seasons of this as they’ll allow me to. As long as the fans keep watching the show and engaging in social media about it then the team and I will be able to tell a lot of Castlevania stories.

The interview then turned to the subject about Shankar’s other video game adaptations, both those which are in the works and those which are still merely in idea form. When asked about the Assassin’s Creed series in the works, Shankar replied only with “I am working on Assassin’s Creed. Lots has been decided but I’m not going to reveal any of it. It’s going to be dope.” The tidbit that has attracted the most attention, however, is when the interviewer asked which other video game series Shankar would like to adapt in the future, to which Shankar replied a “dark Metroid in the same anime style.” Metroid’s hero Samus Aran has appeared in several other video games and comic books, but has yet to appear in a television series or film despite a few failed attempts.

Could this be the start of a long-overdue Metroid adaptation? Let’s hope so. It’s time an iconic original Nintendo character got a decent on-screen treatment. The 1993 Super Mario Brothers was enough of a dumpster fire to keep producers away for years. If anyone can turn around Nintendo’s luck at adapting their series, it’s Adi Shankar.

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