Ryan Murphy Hints at Ending ‘American Horror Story’

FX’s hit series American Horror Story has taken the horror world by storm.  The series debuted in 2011 and features a different storyline and cast each season, almost operating like a mini-series. American Horror Story boasts a 78% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes – not exactly overwhelmingly positive – but boasts a dedicated cult following and massive internet fandom. FX and the show’s creators have just begun to promote its eagerly-anticipated seventh season entitled Cult which debuts later this year and is expected to draw the show’s biggest ratings yet. With things going so well for the show, it would be a surprise to hear that it might be soon coming to an end, but that’s exactly what is going around the internet rumor mill this week. Ryan Murphy, creator and executive producer of American Horror Story, has hinted this week that the series might soon be coming to an end.

The hint came in the form of an Instagram post by Murphy listing the nine circles of hell depicted in Inferno, the first section of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem Divine Comedy. Each of Dante’s nine circles of hell are listed, seven of which have a season title of American Horror Story listed next to them in parentheses. Two of the circles of hell, Violence and Lust, have nothing next to them, possibly implying that these will be the themes of seasons eight and nine. Given that FX has renewed the series through season nine, the hint makes sense.

Still, some fans aren’t happy with the idea that their beloved horror series might soon be coming to an end. The show is still picking up steam and attracting new viewers, but this latest Instagram hint could imply that the show’s creators always intended for nine seasons. However, given that the seasons’ Dante-related themes didn’t necessarily follow the same order of the circles of hell in Inferno, one has to wonder if Murphy’s Instagram revelation was just him noticing a lucky coincidence.

The first five seasons of American Horror Story are available for streaming on Hulu and Netflix. The seventh season premieres Tuesday September 5th on FX.


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