5 Ways to Watch ABC Online without Cable

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ABC has brought us everything from Grey’s Anatomy to Dancing with the Stars to The Bachelor, Modern Family, Scandal, and more. To say ABC’s got a knack for great television programs is an understatement! We all know at least one person who’s forever quoting Grey’s and another who’s tuning into The Bachelor every week with a bottle of wine nearby. And if you’re looking for new ways to watch ABC, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of modern technology and watch ABC online.

Luckily for you, ABC is a popular channel, and technology has enabled us to watch ABC online without cable in a variety of ways. That means, no matter what kind of streaming service you’re looking for or what kind of other shows you like to watch, there’s pretty much something for everyone. Below we’ve listed our five favorite ways to watch ABC without cable–hopefully you can find the one that’s your perfect match.



    DIRECTV NOW will give you great channel variety in addition to ABC streaming. It comes in at a slightly higher price than some other options, but those who like having lots of channels find it to be worth it.

  • The monthly price starts at $35 each month and gives you more than 35 channels to start with
  • Watch ABC without cable on-the-go with this service
  • Comfortable streaming experience with an easy-to-use streaming guide
  • Boasts more than 120 channels currently across all its packages
  • Click here to test DIRECTV NOW free for a week and watch ABC online free


2. Sling TV (Orange)

Do we have a sports fan on our hands? As you may already know (or not, which is cool too), finding ways to watch sports online can be harder than it is for TV shows. So, with that being said, if you’re hoping to catch the games that air on ABC, Sling TV is the best choice. It’s the only streaming service that doesn’t require you to have a cable login and the WatchESPN app to the watch sports that air on ABC and ESPN3. The Sling Orange package is the way to go to get ABC streaming plus sports access.

  • Sling Orange starts at $20 per month and includes ESPN3 directly in the interface–no need to download third party apps
  • Sling Orange only allows one stream at a time
  • Get ABC live streams as well as all other content in live stream format (plus some on-demand content)
  • Available on every major streaming player
  • Try Sling’s free 7-day trial to see what you think


3. PlayStation Vue

Another choice for you to watch ABC online without cable is to scope out PlayStation Vue. You don’t need to own a PlayStation to use this service, though PS3 and PS4 are included on the list of compatible streaming devices (no surprise there).

  • Packages start at $29.99 per month, or $39.99 per month if you live in one of the major cities that receive live local channels
  • You may receive ABC live streams; live local channels are available in a variety of places around the country and new cities are continually being added to the roster
  • Comes equipped with a desirable cloud DVR for those episodes you need to record
  • Large channel selection justifies the higher price point
  • Click here to download your free 5-day PS Vue trial


4. ABC.com

If you’re not committed to subscribing to a streaming service just yet, you might want to consider checking out ABC.com. Though you won’t get to watch much of your favorite shows, you may be able to see some hit clips.

  • Free
  • Carries some select clips and episodes of shows, but you never know when they’ll be taken down, and there aren’t very many
  • Not ideal if you want to watch a full season


5. Hulu

Lastly, there’s Hulu. You’ve likely heard of this streaming platform, but we’ll go over the features as they specifically pertain to ABC streaming.

  • Two price points at great value: either $7.99 with ads or $11.99 without ads
  • Carries a large library of on-demand hit shows and movies including a variety of ABC shows
  • Many times, episodes are added to the library up to 8 days and as little as one day after airing on live television
  • Shows can be added or dropped at any time
  • Hulu offers a free trial period


Hopefully one of these options works for you so you can watch ABC online without cable. Then, you’ll never miss an important episode! What’s your favorite streaming method when it comes to ABC?

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