Watch NCIS Season 16, Episode 14 Online: Live Stream & Replay

Watch NCIS Season 16, Episode 14 Online

There’s a reason why NCIS is one of the longest-running procedural shows in history for a reason. The blend of action, humor, and depth has developed phenomenal characters we can’t help but love, including this week’s episode’s titular character: Tim. This week, the team deals with a hack against the Department of Defense that appears to lead back to a very unlikely criminal. Want to watch NCIS Season 16, Episode 14 online without cable this week? Check out our list below and you can stream NCIS Season 16, Episode 14 – live or on demand any time.


1. CBS All Access

CBS has plenty of great shows, and CBS All Access gives you the best of on-demand and (in essentially all markets) live stream services. Even if you’re in one of the very few areas without live stream coverage, you can enjoy new episodes online the day after they air. CBS All Access also includes special content, like Star Trek: Discovery.

  • Watch NCIS live as it airs or on-demand starting the following morning
  • You pay for what you want. The standard subscription is $5.99, but for $9.99 you can say goodbye to the commercials!
  • What do you really get for your subscription? See our full review for all the details.
  • CBS All Access offers on-demand archives full of classic shows in addition to all your current favorites!
  • Check out our CBS All Access review for more info

Want to see your favorite CBS shows for free? Try CBS All Access free for 7 days!


2. fuboTV

Do you like drama and sports? FuboTV has the blend of channels you need. It offers more niche sports options than nearly any other streaming service along with popular channels like TNT, History, and of course CBS, which means you’ll be able to watch NCIS online. You don’t have to give up your favorite local sports coverage, and fuboTV offers the most regional sports networks across the country.

  • Some test show fuboTV streams about thirty seconds faster than competing streaming services, which is a big bonus when you’re trying to comment during the show on Twitter.
  • A DVR service helps you watch more with less stress about missing the start of your favorite show.
  • Not sure if fuboTV has all the channels you need? Check out our fuboTV review to learn more.
  • Try fuboTV free for 7 days, and watch NCIS “Once Upon a Tim” online tonight!


3. Hulu Live

Whenever there’s nothing good on TV, you can always switch over to Hulu’s extensive on-demand library. It’s included with Hulu Live, which offers dozens of live channels plus all the on-demand content you crave. Check out original shows and your favorite crime and procedural dramas whenever you want, and rewatch them as often as you like. Hulu Live’s basic rate is $40 per month. Additional package options come with extra fees, but even regular service gives you access to tons of regional and national channels, including CBS, sports channels, and more.

  • Worried about missing an episode? Hulu Live’s complementary cloud-based DVR service lets you record and store your favorite shows, like NCIS, so you never have to decide between enjoying a night out and catching your favorite shows ever again.
  • Hulu Live is compatible with most devices, including many smart TVs, so you don’t have to give up your big screen.
  • Hulu’s unique system suggests new shows and movies based on your viewing behavior, so you don’t have to hunt and peck through the entire on-demand library for something good.
  • Get Hulu Live for free for 7 days! Watch tonight’s episode of NCIS online free without making a final commitment.


4. PlayStation Vue

Game consoles do more than ever, and your PlayStation can replace your cable box and DVR with PlayStation Vue. Even if you don’t have a PlayStation, you can still enjoy this streaming service through a number of other devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, mobile devices, and more. The service is designed with busy, media-loving families in mind. Rather than marking up simultaneous streams to sell add-on packages, PlayStation Vue lets users enjoy up to five simultaneous streams on different devices. That means the kids can go what cartoons while you enjoy the NCIS Season 16, Episode 14 live stream.

  • Not sure if your smart TV or portable devices are compatible? Check out our review for the full device list.
  • PlayStation Vue offers a good blend of channels, including local and national sports coverage.
  • Use your Vue account to log into over 60 “TV Everywhere” apps to get even more content!
  • See the full PlayStation Vue channels list for more info

Want a free trial? Get PlayStation Vue free for 5 days!



DIRECTV NOW is basically cable and satellite for people who prefer streaming. You don’t need a satellite, but the navigation and menu will look familiar to anyone who grew up using the company’s traditional services. DIRECTV NOW also provides a fantastic range of add-on and channel package options. The basic package offers around 60 channels for $40 a month, but if you really love live television, you can get up to 120 channels! It’s convenient and accessible, but you don’t have to master a new navigation system before you watch NCIS Season 16, Episode 14 online tonight on CBS.

  • DIRECTV NOW frequently runs deals for prepaid users that include everything from discounts to free devices, so make sure to check for offers!
  • Check out what channels come in the basic and add-on packages in our full DIRECTV NOW review!
  • Enjoy a great blend of local and national channels.

Want to try DIRECTV NOW for free? Get a 7-day trial before you make up your mind!

Watch NCIS “Once Upon a Tim” online tonight with any one of these excellent streaming services. Try one for free and you may just find your new live television addiction.

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