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Eric Brantner (Chief Editor) — Eric is Scribblrs’ Founder and Senior Editor. He covers a wide range of topics related to the state of the internet and its influence on business and culture.You can contact Eric at


Chris Wayne (Managing Editor) — Chris has been a freelance writer and digital marketer for over 5 years. He’s thrilled to be out of the rat race doing what he loves. Email him at


Arthur Odell (Head Writer) — Arthur Odell is a Charlotte native who covers the latest news in internet technology and online marketing. You can email him at


Ryan Bozeman (Contributor)– Ryan Bozeman is a freelance writer and copywriter in Seattle, WA. He has worked with businesses around the world to create effective content marketing strategies. You can contact him at


Kristy Rice (Contributor)– Kristy Rice is a freelance writer, blogger and etsypreneur living in Michigan with her lovable and always astounding minions. You can find more of her writing for writers at You can email her at