New Browser Extension Shows Who Unfriended You On Facebook

Given the current political climate and given the fact that many people have no hesitation about sharing their political views, you’ve probably been tempted to delete a friend or two over the past few months. And there’s a great chance your friends have felt the same way about you.

And unless you regularly watch and keep a manual tally, there’s not much of a way to keep track of who unfriends you. That it, there wasn’t until the “Who Deleted Me” extension launched.

The new extension (which is available for download here) works with both Firefox and Chrome and automatically checks your profile for changes in your friends list. Every time you log in, Who Deleted Me automatically saves your current friends list. And every time, it checks the list against the last list it saved. If there are any changes (like if someone unfriends you), you get an alert. The extension is able to tell the difference between friends who just deactivated their accounts and friends who unfriended you, so you won’t be getting any false reports.

Of course, the extension can’t tell you why your friends deleted you though.

Now, to call “Who Deleted Me” new may not be entirely fair. The extension was available back in 2015, but it was taken down following a request by Facebook. It’s available again for download, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll stay that way.

If there is one downside to this extension, it’s that only apps authorized by Facebook are guaranteed to be secure. This app isn’t, so there’s the chance your personal information could be sent to people you don’t approve of. But if your the type of person who likes to keep track of how many people you’re offending with your Facebook posts, this might be your new favorite tool.

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