Google Releases Online Game To Teach Kids About Internet Safety

If recent news reports are any indication, it’s getting tough for even adults to tell what’s safe and what’s not online these days. Online scams are on the rise, fake news is more prevalent than ever, and it seems like there’s danger everywhere you surf.

To stem that tide a little and educate kids about online safety, Google is turning to a game. As a part of internet safety month, Google has released Interland, a game to help kids make smart decisions online. Interland is a puzzle game that consists of four different mini games. Players roam around four island worlds completing challenges, puzzles, and quizzes related to keeping secure online.

In Kind Kingdom, players are educated on the dangers of trolling, and implored to simply be nice on the internet. Tower of Treasure teaches about the importance of a strong password, while Reality River gives multiple choice questions that help identify who to trust online. Finally, Mindful Mountain highlights just how crucial it is to only share info with trusted people.

This game is just a part of a larger initiative by Google called “Be Internet Awesome.” For this project, Google teamed up with several online safety organizations like the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and Family Online Safety Institute to create lesson plans, activities and worksheets for educators to use.

While it’s unlikely kids will stumble on this game on their own, Google’s hope is that parents will steer their little ones towards the game in the name of safety. The game itself isn’t half bad, a colorful, geometric experience that promises both “awesome” and “blasome” surprises. The visuals are somewhat similar to Minecraft, which will be familiar to this game’s target. It’s definitely geared towards a younger audience, but the lessons are important for everyone.

Click here to play Google’s Interland.

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