New Wordable App Moves Content From Google Docs to WordPress With One Click

If you use both Google Docs and WordPress to publish content to a blog, your world just got a bit easier thanks to a new app called Wordable. The Wordable app lets users move content from Google Docs to WordPress at the click of a button, with no formatting or coding necessary.

Wordable is the creation of a company named Grow and Convert, which as the name implies, helps businesses get a return on their online content marketing.

Today’s workplace is more collaborative than ever before, with many companies using Google Docs to make documents easily available to a group of people. Add in the fact that WordPress is the most popular content publishing tool on the planet, and it would appear there’s certainly a market for an app that can combine the two.

WordPress can connect to Wordable through one of two ways – either a plugin or through actually logging in to WordPress. Once the two are connected, users will scroll through their Google Docs until they find the specific piece they want to send. After selecting the document and clicking “Export to WordPress,” the piece then shows up under drafts. After adding any photos, SEO optimization or meta information, publishing is just a click away.

For people who just run one blog, the service is free. But for people who want to push content to unlimited blogs at once, there’s only a $19 per month charge. If you’re interested, there’s a 24 hour free trial available that allows for unlimited exports.

For people considering starting their own blog, this app definitely tilts things a little in their favor, as it’s by far the easiest option for creating and publishing content. And for people who already run their own blog, this app lets them publish their pieces faster than ever before.

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