The 50 Best Blog Sites for New Bloggers to Follow in 2016

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There’s a lot of information and advice circulating the internet about blogging: how to set one up, which services to use, the best way to grow a readership or subscription list. As a new blogger, how do you know if your source is reputable and trustworthy? And where do you start on this vast topic without experiencing information overload?

You can start with this list of the 50 best blog sites for new bloggers to follow in 2016. We’ve listed what we think are some of the best blog sites to help you jump-start your research and expand your knowledge. Some of these sites focus on topics like SEO (search engine optimization, how to help Google and other engines find and list your contents in its search results), social media marketing, and branding – others focus on best blogging practices, making money with your site and working with the WordPress platform. We’ve also included the big dogs of the industry as well as some lesser-known but reliable resources.

Get your bookmark bar ready because you’re about to be immersed in the wonderful world of blogging…just make sure you don’t get lost in the research and planning stage and never actually start building your blog. Experience is the best teacher and we can get you set up easily and affordably.

Now, onto those 50 Best Blog Sites:

  1. ProBlogger – This is a one-stop-shop for all things blogging, brought to you by Darren Rowse – a huge name in the blogosphere. Follow and friend him, then check out the blog, resource page, and job listings.
  2. Copyblogger – This staple of content marketing information will help you share your blog and get it in front of an audience. You can read the blog, which is chock-full of tips and strategies, listen to a podcast or get a free course on design, traffic, conversion or content.
  3. Men with Pens – Awarded one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers by two years in a row, you can browse this blog by category…and there’s one for ‘better blogging’.
  4. Write to Done – Tons of information for writers and there’s an entire section of blogging articles…plus they accept guest posts.
  5. Social Media Examiner – This site is ridiculous. If you have any questions about using different social media platforms to promote your blog, the answer is here. You’ll find actionable marketing plans to implement, podcasts, and don’t discount that search bar…the archives are endless.
  6. BloggingPro – Specifically designed for WordPress users, this site has tips and news about the platform, blogging articles galore, and a job board.
  7. SmartBlogger – Jon Morrow. Yes, that’s a whole reason to subscribe to this site. Smartblogger is the new Boostblogtraffic. Keep an eye out for guest posts by industry leaders, too.
  8. Be a Freelance Blogger – My absolute favorite thing about this site from Sophie Lizard is Pitchfest. Four times a year, the site accepts guest post pitches in the comments of a Pitchfest post. Not only is there a $100 first place prize (plus publication) but you’ll also see the anatomy of the pitches, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Plus, you can give and receive feedback. It’s an awesome learning experience!
  9. Make A Living Writing – Though this gem from Carol Tice focuses primarily on freelance writing, there’s valuable info for bloggers as well. In addition to countless articles, Carol also has a new ebook, ‘Small Blog, Big Income’ with actionable advice on building a blog that earns.
  10. WordPress Codex – Looking for a WordPress resource? Why not ask the experts? Think of this as your user manual.
  11. Wpbeginner – One of the very best WordPress resources for beginners. If you’re new to the platform, this site will be invaluable.
  12. Mirasee – Danny Iny has outdone himself. Mirasee combines all the elements of a blog-based business into one resource: from traffic and growth to audience engagement, motivation, selling and launching.
  13. Content Marketing Institute – If you want your blog to grow, you have to market your content. There’s a get started guide in the side-bar or you can delve into one of the other seven step-specific guides.
  14. DigitalMarketer – Again, marketing is key to the success of your blog. If you curate a list of subscribers, you will also be participating in email marketing and selling anything on your site means creating a sales funnel. You’ll learn how to do all these things here.
  15. The Write Life – One of the best blog sites for practical advice on topics including blogging, marketing, and self-publishing, should you get any ebook ideas.
  16. BloggingWizard – From analytics to social media and WordPress plug in recommendations, this site is a treasure trove of blogging wisdom.
  17. CopyPress – Click here to learn about headlines, infographics, white papers, and ebooks. There are useful articles aplenty here to guide you in implementing advanced copy techniques.
  18. BuzzBlogger – Kim Roach shares her tips on getting traffic to your blog, unusual traffic strategies, building your list…and if you subscribe, you’ll get the free printable: 101 Ways To Promote Your Next Blog Post.
  19. Marketo – All things marketing, including automation, social media, content and email marketing. Check out the ‘categories’ drop down at the top of the page for even more marketing topics.
  20. HubSpot – Of course there’s a blog, but click on ‘all topics’ and prepare to lose track of time. You could spend an entire day of professional development (it sounds better than internet surfing) on this site researching marketing and sales.
  21. Rainmaker – Audio is great for when you’re up and moving around…you know, when you have to leave the computer to do the dishes or maybe go for a walk. Take your learning with you! The lessons on Rainmaker can be accessed from the site, downloaded or you can subscribe.
  22. Authority Hacker – There are useful blog posts, podcasts, and keep a look out for case studies. These guys like to test their theories…and implement stuff to see what happens.
  23. Blogging Basics 101 – One of the best blog sites for beginners… other than us!
  24. Fuel Your Blogging – I’m not even going to try to list the resources here. Hover over the main menu and you’ll see why, though I am intrigued by the article on building a WooCommerce membership site.
  25. Blogging Tips – What makes this site stand out are the Q&A interviews with big-name bloggers, including Darren Rowse, Carol Tice, and Sophie Lizard.
  26. Blogherald – The newspaper for bloggers with features, editorial, news and blogging tips.
  27. Blog Tyrant – Kick back, relax, and enjoy the magazine-tone of this blog site. When perusing the articles here, scroll through the comments because there are tons of them. There are nuggets of wisdom in those discussions.
  28. TopRank – Marketing! Get your marketing! SEO included!
  29. – Check out the archives on this bad boy! Select a category on the right and prepare to lose track of time.
  30. HowToMakeMyBlog – Sure there’s a blog on this site, but check out the eight steps on the home page as well. Especially if you’re just beginning.
  31. ShoutMeLoud – This blog site has videos, a comprehensive blog roll, and a forum where you can connect with other bloggers. Hint: If you’re looking to connect with colleagues, check your favorite social media platform for blogging and writing groups, as well. These communities can lend support, answer questions, and help you find the resources you need.
  32. Successful Blogging – If you’re looking for a laid-back casual read, check out this blog and the ‘start here’ tab.
  33. Basic Blog Tips – Need a break from all this reading? There’s a whole section of blog-based videos on this site for your viewing pleasure.
  34. Money Dummy Blog – This blogging site boasts free training, tutorials, and reviews. I also recommend the archives (tippy-top of the page) for a full list of articles on the blog.
  35. QuickOnlineTips – Great resource for WordPress and how-to articles, as well as news from the blogosphere.
  36. Jeff Bullas – Dedicated to helping readers build digital businesses…you’ll find tons more articles if you scroll to the bottom of the page to the ‘blog’ link.
  37. Kissmetrics – Tagline: ‘A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing’. Here you’ll learn to test and analyze your marketing efforts. Make sure you visit the webinars, infographics, and marketing guides.
  38. Quick Sprout – From Neil Patel…with his impressive bio. Before you get side-tracked, visit the guides in the right sidebar. They’re frame-worthy.
  39. Niche Pursuits – Filled with podcasts and helpful blog articles, this site also has a project tab which arranges the posts in chronological order so you can follow the progression of the project goal and see exactly how it was accomplished.
  40. No Passive Income – In addition to an extensive library of SEO resources, this blog site also offers a ‘money making’ tab. Who doesn’t want that?
  41. Moz Blog – Here you’ll find advice, research, how-tos and insights from top industry experts on the subjects of SEO and online marketing. Click the ‘Learn & Connect’ tab for drop-down goodies.
  42. The Branded Solopreneur – If you like your language a little more colorful, check out this beautifully consistent blog. You’ll find lots of great advice on branding your blog. (Spoiler Alert: branding is important!)
  43. ViperChill – Scroll down the ‘New? Start Here’ page for marketing resources, categorized by experience. There are also articles, interviews, and podcasts.
  44. by Regina – This magazine-style blog is beautifully branded, to the point that research might just feel like an indulgence. There are also resources for those dreaming of creating an online coaching business.
  45. Become A Blogger – Interested in using Snapchat to build your audience? There’s an impressive tutorial in the resources drop-down. You’ll also find a library of podcasts, complete with transcripts and slide shows.
  46. Social Triggers – Click the ‘Social Triggers’ logo for a collection of free downloads. There are also 101 Guides and plenty of how-tos in the sidebar.
  47. – Interesting blog post topics, including the use of stock photos. There’s also a live show on Tuesdays.
  48. Socially Sorted – Named a Top 10 Blog by Social Media Examiner two years in a row, this site boasts lots of images and some long content that delves deep into social media marketing subjects.
  49. Maximize Social Business – The focus of this site is social media for business and you’ll find a healthy index under the ‘directory’ tab.
  50. Quick and Dirty Tips – I had to include one…after all, we are writing. Even if you’re not into grammar, these quick tips are easy to understand and will improve your writing.

So what did you think? It’s a lot to take in, I know. But it’s exciting, isn’t it? All the possibilities…and the creative process of building something visually stunning yet informative and inspirational.

Don’t discount experience. The best way to learn about something is through interaction. If you’re ready to start blogging, we’re here to help. If you have any questions or know of other great resources (there are SO MANY) that weren’t included in our 50 best blog list, we love sharing! Matter of fact, we’d love to see your blog below! What are you working on?

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    What about BlogPress? Has it been around long enough to know if it’s worthwhile for a beginner?

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