New Twitter Tool Temporarily Mutes Any Account Saying Certain Words

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Especially if you have you own blog, you don’t have to be online long to encounter someone who’s out to cause trouble. But now you may see a little less of those people on Twitter.

There are already plenty of Twitter tools that let a user mute another user or mute a certain keyword, but a new tool called Supermute is taking a different approach.

With Supermute, a Twitter user sets a certain word or phrase, and then chooses a duration they want to mute anyone that uses that phrase. The biggest advantage here is that users are automatically removed from mute after the time is up. With the old way, you had to manually go back and unmute people you had quieted.

This tool is likely going to be pretty popular with people watching a TV show or live event a little behind everyone else, and with people who want to avoid discussion of say, a political debate.

Any word or phrase can be added, and user can set their mute period for as long as 7 days. The muting even works for partial words and phrases (for example, blocking “horse” would mean that “seahorse” is blocked as well). Even RTs are included.

A mute can easily be canceled, and user can even check later on to see exactly what messages were muted. And maybe most importantly, the muted party doesn’t know they’re being silenced.

One of the biggest advantages of the Supermute tool is that it’s universal, meaning you can set it from one device (say, your phone), and it will be applied no matter if you log on later from a desktop, app, or mobile page.

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, you can access the Supermute tool by logging in to your Twitter account here.

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