New Twitter Tool Allows For Muting Of New Users and Strangers to Stop Trolls

There’s nothing that can derail a Twitter conversation faster than a troll barging into notifications with abusive replies. And in their ongoing quest to battle trolls on the site, Twitter announced new features today that should help keep things a little more civil. The site now offers options to mute notifications from new accounts and from people who don’t follow you.

To get to the new option, just go to the “Advanced Filters” section under settings. There, you’ll see an option to turn off notifications from new users (Twitter wouldn’t specify what “new” was), and an option to mute notifications from users who aren’t following you.

The announcement came via a Twitter post this week. “Now you have even more control over your notifications,” the Tweet read. “Mute accounts that don’t follow you, new accounts, and more.”

These changes come after Twitter rolled out new ways in March to silence users without a profile picture or a verified e-mail address, and filtering of direct messages into a “requests” folder.

The troll problem is one that Twitter has been publicly dealing with for years now, and it seems they’re constantly rolling out new tools to combat abuse. It looks like their general approach is focused more on hiding abuse though, rather than stopping it in the first place. But given how easy it is to create a new account, that might be the best course of action for the time being.

While these change won’t do anything towards actually stopping abusive behavior on the microblogging site, it could prevent new or more sensitive users from being scared away from conversation. At the very least, it’s great to see Twitter try to combat the noise a little and it’s nice to see users have a little more control over what they’re shown.


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