5 Ways to Watch the 2020 Academy Awards Online without Cable

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The Academy Awards, for the 92nd time, will recognize the best movies from the previous year. Organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it will take place on February 9th, at the entertainment complex Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, LA. Interestingly enough, this will be the first ceremony in 30 years where there will be no host. As usual, it will be aired live by ABC. But for all of you who are interested to watch the 2020 Academy Awards online, we have a few suggestions that will get you covered:


1. Hulu Live TV

If you want to stream the 2020 Academy Awards, Hulu Live will be our first choice to offer. It has one of the most diverse channel lineups among other streaming services. You can find most of the known cable networks, as well as the great availability of local TV channels. NBC, CBS, Fox, and in this case ABC, making it a great choice to watch the Oscars online.

By using this service, you will get:

  • Hulu Live on-demand service for $55;
  • Cloud DVR option for storing up to 50 hours;
  • Availability on various devices (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, mobile devices, etc);
  • Streaming platform connected with YouTube TV;
  • Perfect for people who love to combine TV and on-demand content.
  • Watch the 2019 Academy Awards online – live or on demand later

Hulu Live gives the opportunity to test their platform through 7-day free trial.



Here is another alternative for you to consider. You want to watch the Oscars without cable, yet once that is done you want to be left with a good streaming service. AT&T TV Now is one of those options. No need for a satellite, yet it is a service similar to the cable one you have. Making the switch from one service to another will be an easy option for you. By using AT&T TV Now, you will get:

  • More than 40 channels for $65;
  • 120 channels divided into different packages for you to choose;
  • Great local coverage with no hidden restrictions;
  • No contract – you watch as you pay;

There are few other benefits you check about in our AT&T TV NOW and don’t forget to use 7-day free trial while being there.


4. Sling TV

Similar to the previous option, Sling TV offers a balance between decent content choices and price. There is a possibility for you to choose a package as well as programs you want to purchase. Having said that, you can stream the 2019 Academy Awards for a very affordable price as ABC is available in some US markets. Sling TV is a streaming platform with a strong track record and reliable performance. Many of the benefits this provider offer are mentioned in our Sling TV review, but for now, we will share just a few of them here:

  • The basic package starts at $30;
  • Combination of two packages is available;
  • With the cloud DVR feature you can receive 50 hours of storage
  • A mix of on-demand content and channel live streaming is available;
  • Interconnectivity between Sling TV and “TV Everywhere” app is provided.

If still not sure, the 7-day trial period is always available.


4. YouTube TV

The last streaming alternative we suggest as a platform for watching the 2020 Academy Awards online is YouTube TV. As a service, it is a well-rounded channel that includes many popular regional and national networks, most of the cable news channels, as well as many entertainment channels. If you subscribe to their service, you can expect:

  • More than 50 channels for $50 per month;
  • Access to YouTube Red originals, which is constantly growing;
  • Super mobile streaming experience;
  • DVR feature with unlimited storage and possibility to keep content for up to 9 months.
  • Like the other services, there is a 7 day trial.


We hope these five options offer you enough ways to watch the 2020 Academy Awards online without cable.


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