Is Internet Access A Right? Two Thirds Of Americans Say No.

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As crucial to our lives as the internet has become, has it actually become so important that it should be considered a right? According to a new survey published last week, two thirds of Americans say no, that it’s just a privilege.

2,000 US citizens were polled for this survey, conducted by digital privacy and cyber security firm AnchorFree. Interestingly, out of the people who see internet as a privilege, most think it should be up to the internet provider to make sure access is available. For the people who see it as a right, most think it should be up to the government.

And while there is a neat divide between the privilege and right camps, people overwhelmingly agree that online security and privacy are important matters. 80% said they were more concerned about those issues than they were one year ago, and 95% said they were concerned about businesses selling their personal data.

It seems like people are taking action as a result of those concerns, as 70% of people said they were doing more to protect their online privacy now than they were last year. That shows that people see online danger as a real threat, enough so they’re willing to do something about it.

For most people, “doing more” meant they were taking measures like changing passwords and deleting suspicious e-mails. “Doing more” could be something as simple as installing an ad blocker, but it’s still good to see. One of the biggest things an online user can do to protect their privacy, utilizing a virtual private network, was something that just one in five people do.

And despite the fact that most people are indeed doing something to protect themselves, only 25% of people said they should be the most responsible party for their online safety, instead passing the challenge on to internet companies or the government.

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