5 Ways to Watch CBS Online without Cable

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Fans of Big Brother, Survivor, and The Big Bang Theory all have one thing in common… Their shows air on CBS! If you fall into one of these camps, you’re probably curious whether or not you would be able to watch CBS online without cable. After all, the progression of online streaming has become a big contender for traditional cable bundles, and being able to watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime is extremely convenient. Luckily for you, there are all kinds of ways you can access a CBS live stream without cable, so you’ll never miss those all-important episodes that always keep you coming back for more.

In this article, we’re going to go over five of the best ways you can watch CBS online so that you can either cut cable or just supplement your cable watching with an online alternative. What you choose to watch CBS online is up to you—the variables are mostly price, channel selection, and additional features, and we’ll lay them all out for you so you can make the best decision. Alright, let’s do this.


1. CBS All Access

CBS lovers have a pretty good situation compared to fans of other channels. CBS has created an affordable app that houses all the CBS content, and this app is aptly named CBS All Access (see what I did there?). It’s basically the Netflix of CBS shows. Here’s what you need to know about CBS All Access to get your CBS streaming:

  • $5.99 per month
  • Gives you access to a huge on-demand library of CBS hit shows and classic TV
  • New shows are available the day after they air
  • In roughly 80% of the U.S. (and growing), you can also enjoy a CBS live stream so you can watch your favorite shows right when they air
  • Compatible with a variety of mobile and streaming devices
  • See our CBS All Access review for more info
  • Download your free 7-day trial here


2. fuboTV

fuboTV (free 7-day trial) is made with sports fans in mind, and it’s also a great way to watch CBS online. The main appeal of this streaming service is for those who want to watch sports online, and it includes a ton of sports channels locally, nationally, and internationally. The base package comes loaded with over 80 channels and a huge chunk of them are sports channels. They also carry a great selection of locals, including CBS. CBS is available in most markets in the US at this time.

  • Over 80 channels to enjoy (check out the full fuboTV channels list)
  • Pay $40 for the first month and $45/month after that
  • Cancel any time you want
  • Watch on phones, tablets, computers, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and others
  • Try fuboTV free for one week


3. PlayStation Vue

Your next option to stream CBS is a streaming service called PlayStation Vue. Contrary to what you may think at first glance, you do not need to own a PlayStation in order to have this platform—it works on a variety of streaming players in addition to PS3 and PS4. However, you might only be able to use Vue if you live in a certain area. Vue includes the CBS live stream in about half of its markets, so be sure to check out the details online to see if you are one of those lucky markets. Otherwise, here are the specs:

  • $44.99 per month for about 50 popular channels (check out the PlayStation Vue channels list for more details)
  • CBS streaming is available in most markets across the country; includes CBS live stream
  • Stream on multiple devices at one time (great for families)
  • Includes a cloud DVR allowing you to save episodes for 28 days after airing
  • Try PS Vue free for 5 days


4. CBS.com

If you’re looking for a totally free option, CBS.com offers a decent solution. They show limited episodes for free, though it makes it difficult to truly get into a show.

  • Free of charge
  • Not a complete CBS solution; only offers certain episodes of shows
  • You do not receive other channel content


5. CBS affiliate apps

Your last bet to watch a CBS live stream online is to check out what apps you can get on your streaming player. Most local CBS affiliates have apps on these devices that you can use to get limited access to local news clips. Of course, this option isn’t ideal for those who enjoy CBS’s non-news programming, so if you’re looking for a complete cable solution, your best bet is ponying up at least $5.99 per month for CBS All Access or $39.99 per month for CBS plus about 50 other popular channels.

  • Limited access to various news clips
  • Not good for show-watching
  • Free if you already have a streaming player

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